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Daily workshops at Hotel Belorizonte (Sal Island) with ZÉ BARBOSA & MARTA , MATS & STEPHANIE , BEN & ANA , TOMAS QUEITA and DJ SARAI


Zé Barbosa is an actor, artist and a teacher of traditional dances from Cape Verde and teaches Kizomba all over Portugal since 1999. With great influences from Coladeira and Zouk, Zé has developed his own style over the years. Marta Miranda has been his partner for about 12 years and together they created the Kizomba NaPassada style.

Ben Pedrosa is the most followed Kizomba dancer in the world, with about 2 million followers on Facebook. Dancer, choreographer and teacher since 1999, Ben has been trained in different styles. Together with Ana Guerreiro, they form a much cherished couple for being able to transmit their love and passion for dance.

Mats is an animator and dancer of traditional dances such as funaná, coladeira, mazurka, cola sanjon, morna, batuko and Kizomba, and lives in Sal Island. He is also a member of dance group hotel OASIS BELORIZONTE, which has been performing on various stages in the island for the past 8 years. For 3 years, together with Stephanie, a dancer from traditional Cape Verdean dances, they have held various shows.

Tomás Keita was born in Guinea and is a teacher of African rhythms, with more than 17 years of experience as an international dancer. He was one of the pioneers of kizomba in Europe and a key player in the expansion of Kizomba around the world. Since 2015 he has been part of the faculty of the Farry's International dance Center, which prepares the kizomba teaching program with the approval of UNESCO's International Dance Council.

Sarai Torres Fernandes (DJ Sarai) was born in Porto and has lived in Lisbon for 15 years. In 2015 she fell in love with African music, mainly with Kizomba, Semba and and Zouk, and from 2017 this fascination made her start offering people these musical styles at events, parties, and also in Lives, through social networks, namely in Kizomba Connection USA.

  • Diana Taveira – MTV Portugal
    Diana Taveira – MTV Portugal

    I was invited to meet Ilha do Sal, its people, its smells and traditions and natural beauty. There the clock slows down and you take it easy. You can fish and dance anywhere. You respect nature's rythm.

  • Elena Castro - España
    Elena Castro - España

    Esta experiencia ha sido única y de la mejor que he vivido hasta ahora. No por la isla que por supuesto es un paraíso sin duda..sí no por la gente, me han enseñado.

  • Jorgen Svensson - Sweden
    Jorgen Svensson - Sweden

    I am really happy that I went on this kizomba adventure A BIG thanks/obrigado to all you great people I met. I miss you all and kizomba the most so go on with your NO STRESS life and we meet again somewhere.

  • Mia Machenhauer – Denmark
    Mia Machenhauer – Denmark

    Vasco, THANK you for a wonderful festival/holiday and for you being who you are. Thanks for taking care of us... I had a great warm holiday. Miss it already. Here back to reality... and it is cold... -1 degree...

  • Ruana Patricia Almeida – Cabo Verde
    Ruana Patricia Almeida – Cabo Verde

    I um muito obg pa ces grandes professores de dança i au senho Vasco Dias k ta proporciona nos este evento SABOR A CABO VERDE onde k no ta pote mostra k nos capacidade no ta pote bai mais além i és vitoria li ta bai especialmente pa bo Tony Pirata.

  • Lars Korsgaard Nielsen – Denmark
    Lars Korsgaard Nielsen – Denmark

    Tilbage i DK. efter en helt fantastisk uge på Sal Cap Verde. Er fyldt op med ny energi, masser af indtryk, frække dansemoves, og mødt en masse spændende mennesker. Tusinde tak til alle jer som deltog og har gjort denne tur helt uforglemmelig. NO STRESS KIZOMBA 4 EVER.

  • Viviane Unt – Estonia
    Viviane Unt – Estonia

    Thank you for the wonderful time in Sal! I wish my time in Cabo Verde could have continued in Mindelo like it started there! I was missing Cabo Verde already in Lisbon! Such great memories!

  • Maria Suarez  Romero
    Maria Suarez Romero

    Sabor a Cabo Verde!! Extraordinários momentos vividos!! Los guardo en mi corazon!!

  • Haraoula Rabaouni
    Haraoula Rabaouni

    It was a great experience! First time for us in Africa and we were happy to participate, dance and pass time with so many lovely people. Cape Verde is a heaven on Earth

  • Cristina Lorente
    Cristina Lorente

    Me kiero meter en la la prestas??

  • Aiste Venckevičiūtė
    Aiste Venckevičiūtė

    I miss you so much guys!!! (it's good you don't see me crying...)


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